There's so much in the world to see and to learn!


I'll sort out the details of this page later, but for now, let's just put up any resources I find that look useful

Front End

  • Mozilla's 'learning pathway' for front-end development
  • Rachel recommended Bootstrap as a GUI framework. I think we were talking about things like React at the time, but I'd have to do some googling to check if that's actually the niche that Bootstrap fills. I haven't taken any time to look into it yet.
Kaia says to look for React components, which can then be placed on your page like any other html elements. I could use this for the header and footer in this website, so that I can have one source of truth page and then just inject that into all the pages. If you want the page to be 'updated' by users (click buttons etc), you can use Redux to store the state of the page